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Syrian Olive and Laurel Oil Soap

When you find something that works, why change it?  We imagine that is why Syrian olive oil soaps are made today just as they were centuries ago. And that is why we have offered traditional Syrian olive oil soaps since we opened our doors more than 20 years ago. It is as soap should be - simple, gentle, nourishing and natural. 

The Process
The soap-making process takes nine months and begins with the harvest of local olives and bay laurel berries in the late fall. The cold-pressed olive oil, water and lye are heated in a large cauldron for several days. The bay laurel oil is added at the end of the heating process, and the mixture is then poured into large frames on the ground. After the mixture hardens, the soap is cut with wooden rakes and stamped with the artisan's name. Each bar is then stacked and aged from 6 months to a year.  The result is an all-natural bar of one of the best soaps in the world!

We love it next to our kitchen sink, in the bath, as a solid shampoo bar and in the laundry room.

Syrian olive and laurel soap is ideal as an everyday soap in the shower or bath. It is especially suited for those with sensitive skin, skin issues or dry skin. Its all natural ingredients are gentle on infants, the elderly and everyone in between.

Laurel Content
The relative percentage of bay laurel oil determines the quality and cost of the soap. This bar contains 40% laurel oil.

Olive oil, bay laurel oil (40%), water and lye.

Made in Aleppo, Syria

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