Indigo Traders was founded in 2003 from an admiration of the fine textiles of the Middle East.  Our initial inspiration was the exquisite art of Palestinian embroidery adorning the traditional dresses of Palestinian women.  Our very first products were lovely hand-embroidered pillows and wall hangings made in traditional Palestinian designs and motifs.

Today, we carry traditional items from all over the Mediterranean.  Our primary goal is to showcase the arts, cultures and traditions of the region in a positive, informative manner. We strive to be a bridge between our local culture in the west and that of the Mediterranean and Middle East.  This, we hope, will foster a better understanding of a region that is so misunderstood. Our efforts to connect our community to that of the Mediterranean include offering cooking classes, holding fundraisers for school children of the Middle East, working with other local efforts to promote understanding through art, and holding cultural events at Indigo Traders. 

Our story begins nearly twenty years ago when we crossed paths in Amman, Jordan.  We discovered a mutual admiration for the rich cultures of the Middle East and the beautiful arts and crafts of the region.  We began collecting textiles with hopes of one day opening a store of our own.  Our first pieces include hand-loomed carpets from the talented Bani Hamida tribe of Jordan, an industry revitalized by the efforts of Queen Noor. We also collected rare, hand-embroidered Palestinian dresses and shawls.  After relocating to the United States, we spent nearly five years collecting products and developing our business.  In 2003 we opened our doors at Indigo Traders.  

Today our family business is dedicated to celebrating the flavor of other cultures.  For years we have traveled throughout Turkey and the Middle East in search of family-run textile makers and craftsmen who value tradition and insist on quality.  We have discovered artisan families still producing traditional objects as they were generations before.  We are pleased to offer these products online and in our Portland boutique.

Samir Naser and Karla Bean