Foot Care Bundle

Our exclusive Foot Care Bundle is your first step to softer, smoother, comfortable feet.

This set includes:
Wood Nail Brush
This handsome nail brush is made of beechwood and tampico fiber. 

Pumice Stone
Featuring a cotton hanging loop, this no-nonsense pumice stone works wonders at helping tired calloused feet become soft and smooth. 

Syrian Bay + Olive Oil Soap
Syrian olive and laurel soap is ideal as an everyday soap in the shower or bath. It is especially suited for those with sensitive skin, skin issues or dry skin. The all natural ingredients are gentle and nourishing. The relative percentage of bay laurel oil determines the quality and cost of the soap. This bar contains 40% laurel oil. Ingredients: Olive oil, bay laurel oil (40%), water and lye.

Linen Hand Towel

Handwoven in Turkey of a linen/cotton blend. This elegant hand towel features tan stripes on a natural linen base with fringe at both ends.

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