Jam Hostess Gift

Mymouné was founded in 1989 by two sisters during the Lebanese civil war to support the people of Ain el Kabou, a village on the slopes of Mount Sannine in central Lebanon. Because it was impossible to get fresh fruit to the market to sell, the sisters began preserving the fruit with the hope of selling the preserves after the conflict was settled. Mymouné means “my preserves” in Arabic.

Mymouné fruits are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness and then cooked uncovered in small batches. This traditional method of preserving contributes to its unique flavor. AllMymouné products are 100% natural with no colorants or preservatives.

Our Jam Hostess Gift includes one jar of Mymouné preserves, a handwoven Turkish cotton hand towel (color may vary) and a handmade olive wood spoon.

Choose one of the following Mymouné preserves :

Sundried Fig Preserve

Three Citrus Marmalad

Mulberry Preserve

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